Do not turn into a robot – hire a robot
Work more effectively and increase your profit with Edward, the first CRM-assistant for Bitrix24
Who is Edward
Hello, I'm Edward. You have an overdue activity (1), be sure to look at it or reschedule it for another time
Hi, Edward, thanks! Move it to tomorrow
Done, you're welcome!
Edward is more than a bot. He is your secretary, manager and assistant in Bitrix24.
He will help Bitrix24 newcomers to start effectively on day one.
Edward will submit reports on time.
Point out discovered errors or broken deadlines.
Remind of missed calls, meetings, forgotten and incomplete activities.
He will free you from CRM micromanagement.

Helps not to lose clients due to missed calls
Edward reminds employees of missed calls in private or group chat. If an employee is ill or on vacation, his calls will be forwarded directly into the group chat, where his colleagues will be able to take the call.
Reminds you of forgotten activities in CRM
Work overload, insufficient experience with Bitrix24 or lack of attention will make your employees work ineffective. Edward keeps you from losing clients when your staff forgets or just fails to notice a forgotten activity. It's easy for chief to monitor must-to-follow CRM regulations with regular reports received directly into a chat.
Incoming leads are no longer lost on dismissed employees
Dismissed employees will no longer receive calls or leads. Edward redirects incoming requests to available employees.
Sales plan tracking in chat
Edward will send you a message with information about the sales progress weekly or daily.
Will remind about upcoming meeting to a client
For a manager it’s enough to schedule a meeting in CRM, Edward will send an SMS reminder to the client and remind him of the  upcoming meeting in advance.
Sends regular reports
Set up your own reports from Edward: select a team, set up a schedule and recipients and Edward will send participants a report at a specified time.
And that's not all!
We are constantly improving Edward and introducing new features.
Boost your sales team
There are preset mini-courses from experts available in Edward to help the sales team. After choosing a course both you and your colleagues will regularly receive lessons directly to the Bitrix24 messenger. Also you can set up your own custom mini-course.
Become a course author
Leave a request to place your course in the Edward.PRO version catalog
How it works
Leave a request
Fill out the form and leave a request for a trial demonstration of Edward
We hold a skype session with a demonstration of the assistant's work, functions and features
We install Edward in your Bitrix24 and customize it for your company
You can contact us if you need improvements or implementation of new functions.
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